Ngwe Sang

After Inle Lake, I bounced back to Yangon for a night in order to depart to the beach town of Ngwe Sang the following afternoon by bus. I imagine that by now you’re noticing a trend, a lot of bouncing back to either Mandalay or Yangon to catch a bus to my next destitnation. That is something to keep in mind when travelling to Myanmar. You’ll often need to return to one of the two major cities in order to be able to catch a bus to your next destination. Sometimes travel from one town to another is not possible short of hiring your own transport at a premium.

Ngwe Sang has long been one of the major beach destination resorts for locals and, in the years that Myanmar has opened up to tourists, it has become a popular tourist destination as well. The water is pleasant enough and there isn’t much to do aside from sitting back by the beach, relaxing. I spent three nights there, doing plenty of reading. It is here that I discovered the my new definition of luxury: a toilet with an ocean view.

The nearby Ume Restaurant and Bar was a good place to go for dinner at night, decent food and drinks, and the place had a nightly fire tossing show. A few pictures from my stay:









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