I’ll be totally frank. I did absolutely nothing of cultural value in Trincomalee. The place is a beach town, and all I did was sit by the beach, read and chat with an Australian gal I met along the way. I essentially ended up living at a great beach side restaurant called Fernando’s which was right next to my hotel. The beach was absolutely lovely, bathtub warm water and with mellow waves. I went for a swim after ordering my breakfasts and dinners at the place.

Some photos of my three night stay:










One thought on “Trincomalee

  1. O sea que descansaste de tus vacaciones culturales.
    Seria bueno saber si se practica la pesca y la observación de aves.
    Hay libros muy interesantes sobre las aves en las diferentes regiones del planeta. Es un hoby muy entretenido, sobre todo si llevas un registro de lo que ves. Tendrias que comprarte unos buenos binoculares que no te salen sobrando para otras vistas. Te ahorra caminar.
    Un abrazo.


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