Luang Namtha

I got into Luang Namtha around 11:30 am. Once I located and dropped off my stuff at the hotel, it was nearly 12:30 pm. Fortunately, the fellow at the front desk was super helpful and drew me a map of the highlights in the region that could bee seen on a 6 hour motorcycle tour of the villages surrounding the town. I would highly recommend the hotel, the Amandra Village. I got a huge room with a living room for $26 CDN including breakfast.

I rushed out of the hotel and rented a motorcycle for the day. This was the fist place where renting a manual motorbike (more like a semi-automatic, you have to shift gears but they have no clutch) is a killer bargain as compared to hiring an automatic. Renting a manual came out to 50,000 kip (around $8 CDN) vs. 90,000 for an automatic. Granted I got a Chinese-made bargain bike with a broken speedometer, but that’s a bargain (solid brakes is all I cared about).

My first stop was Nam Dee village and its waterfall. To be frank the waterfall is not really worth a visit, but they charge 12,000 kip to get in (which is actually rather expensive in terms of entry fees I paid) but that money goes into the gorgeous surrounding village so I would urge you to make a brief visit. The village is by far one of the prettiest farming towns I have ever visited in my life. My pictures do not do it justice:



The walk to the waterfall, next to lush jungle:




The highlight of my stay in Luang Namtha, the village:







There is a natural loop around the city, so after Nam Dee village, you can head south to make the loop. The road on the way south:





The next major stop was Nam Village, cutting west to make the loop:



Had to cross this bridge on the motorcycle. I dismounted as you would imagine. A woman made the trip ahead of me with her 3 year old daughter. She left her daughter on my side, made the trip across with the bike and then came to retrieve her:




Honey King Village:




Back in Luang Namtha, checking out a Buddhist pagoda:




The northwestern chunk of Luang Namtha:




The Golden Pagoda to the north:



It was close to sundown when I finished the loop, and I still had a good 1.5 hours left before I had to return my scooter. So I decided to check out Nam Dee village again at sundown, I think the pictures turned out much better the second time around:






Since I only had one night in Luang Namtha and I wanted to check out two restaurants for dinner, I ate two dinners. The first was a street food dinner of noodles at the night market. Unfortunately, they were a bit on the bland side, though they did provide tons of condiments to spice things up. And, it was super quick, if you’re in a rush you can order and be out of the place in 10 minutes flat, for under $5 with a beer.

My second meal was at a cool place called the Bamboo Lounge which serves mostly western food but also functions as a training restaurant for Lao servers and cooks. I had a really tasty spicy bean sandwich with homemade bread there. All in all, my time in Luang Namtha was brief but awesome.


One thought on “Luang Namtha

  1. Impresionates selvas productoras de te. No veo que haya algunas empacadoras o lugares en donde recolecten las cosechas. Me imagino que las paredes de las chosas son tejidas de bambu.
    Me imagino que será caliente y con muchos mosquitos.


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