Royal Beach

This is a very short post as we were only in Royal Beach for a night.

You’ll recall from my initial pictures of my drive to Pokhara that there are some really pretty areas in the valley along the roadway between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Royal Beach is a bit of a detour from that exact stretch of road, but the landscapes are similar.

There isn’t much to do there aside from admiring the scenery and trying out some of the water activities that they organize, in particular rafting and kayaking on the river. I think that’s where the resorts along the water make their money because everything else was dirt cheap. I upgraded from a tent to a small cabin (surprise surprise) and it only cost $10 USD. The best thing is that they charge per person staying in the cabin (i.e. if two of you stay there it costs $20 USD) so I got the place to myself for half-price. They also had a great lunch and dinner buffet for us as well as a fantastic breakfast the following morning for close to nothing. Likewise, the beers and assorted beverages were sold nearly at-cost. And at night they made us a nice little campfire right by the river, quite the pleasant experience.

Some pictures of the place:



My hut for the night:







The surrounding riverbank:





I’ll leave you with a picture of myself and a picture of Laura from our walk along the river. I should clarify, I’m wearing a local Nepali shirt, not because I’m trying to be trendy, but because after months of quick rotation of stuff I brought from Canada and shrinkage of Indian bought stuff, I’m buying clothing out of sheer necessity at this point:




2 thoughts on “Royal Beach

  1. Bonito lugar, me recuerdan al Rio Filobobos de Veracruz. La diversión son los rapidos en balsa y excursionar por la selva en donde últimamente se han descubierto antiguas ruinas con juego de pelota.


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