Delhi – Part Four

I had been told that visiting a McDonald’s in India is worthwhile so I stopped by for a brief visit. Given that they don’t serve beef, the menu is totally different. The Big Mac is the McMaharajah, served with chicken instead of beef. Note the additional vegetarian choices and the spicy McSpicy Paneer in particular.



For dinner we decided to check out a fancy restaurant on Tim’s recommendation. The place is called Indian Accent and is supposed to be on various lists of top restaurants in the world so I thought it would be interesting to check-out high-end food with a primarily Indian focus. Be wary, even though this is India, the experience is not a cheap one–with wine pairings it set me back about $140 CDN. Which brings me back to the fellow using a hand-pump in Old Delhi from the prior morning. Contrasts indeed:



I was going to describe every dish I photographed but then I remembered that I took a photo of the menu as well:



I apologize for the poor quality of the food photos, it was incredibly dark inside.










And my final shot of the night, the various candies offered up at the end of the meal:



I am anticipating a return or two to Delhi so fret not, these will not be my last pictures of Delhi.


One thought on “Delhi – Part Four

  1. Luego nos platicas tus experiencias estomacales con esta variedad de comidas que has estado haciendo, veo que esta en presentación de los platillos es la mas elegante y según veo en precios igual, pero ha de valer la pena probar, sobre todo que no siempre hay estas oportunidades.
    No dices si probaste la comida del comedor publico. Se ve modesta pero alimenticia. Los panes o tortillas de harina calientitas estarán muy sabrosas.
    La primera vez que fui a un Mc Donalds en la Cd. de Mexico, una muchachita que estaba en la cola delante de nosotros, pidió una hamburguesa sin carne. Ella sería muy feliz en ese Mc Donalds de Deli.
    No se a donde se dirigen mañana, pero que tengan buen viaje.


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